A compressed series of Skype-lectures addressing multiple aspects of the use, production and understanding of fossil energy. The lectures (20-45 min each) are live-streamed in roughly an hourly rhythm via web radio on this blog (under LECTURES). After each lecture local participants at the Museum Ludwig or Glasmoog get to pose questions to the speakers. There is an additional, local program in Cologne. Many lectures in English, some in German. Field trip on Sunday guided in both languages. 

Fri 29.11.2013, 4 – 10 pm (CET)  //  Skype Seminar  //  Glasmoog, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Sat 30.11.2013, 10 am – 6 pm (CET)   //  Skype Seminar  //  Museum Ludwig Cologne

Local Program: Sun 1.12., 11:30 am – 4 pm  //  Field trip to Hambach: Forest + Open pit mine (please register, if you need a place in a car)


The event is made possible through the kind support of Museum Ludwig, artothek, City of Cologne (Chargesheimer Award for Media Arts) and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.


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