Do you want to see how deep ancient geological sediments, already traded for credits against a carbon future, are dug out of the earth and moved around at a rate of 240 000 m3/per day? Where do the clouds hanging above Cologne originate? In the same place where most of the electricity for North Rhine-Westphalia (17 Million people) and 13 % of German CO2 is generated. Do you want to get a last glimpse of an age-old forest, in common use since medieval times, before the rest of it is erased by Europe’s biggest hole, the Hambach open pit brown coal mine? Where the new highway is already constructed, ground water pumps already installed, pumping the ground water from the new areas around the hole.. Tagebau Hambach (run by RWE): a political landscape-machine that doesn’t stop running, even when there is way too much of it.

This excursion is guided by people from the protest camp in the Hambach Forest, support group members from Cologne and by Dorothea Schubert, brown coal expert from BUND, Düsseldorf. Meet also with locals from Buir.

The field trip is best done with your own bike (about 15 km ride during 3-4 hours). For those not wanting to bike, cars can be arranged (you can’t cross the forest by car, but you’ll get to the main points of interest): Please tell this when you register. Bring warm clothing and something for the occasional rain.

Schedule Sunday 1.12.2013:

11:20 Meeting at Ehrenfeld Train Station (Free tickets).

11:36 Train S12 to Buir

12:00 Arrival at Buir

12:15 Arrival (by bike) at the Meadow Camp Hambach, a chat with the camp inhabitants

13:00 Arrival (by bike) at the forest camp, meeting with occupants and the landowner

14:00 Arrival at Terra Nova, a scenic post at the open pit mine, run by RWE. Meeting here with Dorothea Schubert, BUND. From here it is possible already to return to Buir.

14:45 Arrival (by bike) at the 2. scenic post.

16:00 Taking the S12 back to Cologne at Buir (if you are in a hurry, you can try to catch it at 15:00, or alternatively also at 17:00).


Photos by Martin Schaaf.